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Through the Ages


This project teaches children about British prehistory including the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. Children will develop their understanding of everyday life in each period, finding out about people, place and changes over time from a variety of historical sources. 

This history project will develop learning on chronology and the use of timelines as well as introduces them to longer periods of time and ordering BC dates. 




Archaeologist,   Artefact,  Breaker Folk,    Bronze,  Bronze Age collapse,   Celts,  

Circa,   Hillfort,     Stone Circle,       Sacrifice,    Torc,      Votive Offering.



Flag Fen - For our history topic, we visited Flag Fen, a Bronze Age site not too far from our school. We spent the day working as archaeologists, predicting what artefacts were used for and recreating Bell Beaker Pottery.