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This week is our third and final week of our multiplication and division block. We will be focusing on division this week which means we will be learning how to share fairly into equal groups. It is so important that the children know how to count CONFIDENTLY in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10's as they will need this knowledge to help them this week. 

MONDAY To Make equal groups - sharing

Watch the video, pause and complete the tasks in your books or on your whiteboards.

TUESDAY Make equal groups - grouping

Watch the video, pause it when it says and have a go at the activities!

Extra Practice - Make equal groups activity

Extra activities to practice these new ideas if needed.

WEDNESDAY - To Divide by 2

Watch the video and complete the tasks.

THURSDAY - To Divide by 5

Watch the video and pause when it asks you to do so. Complete any tasks on your whiteboard or in your books.

FRIDAY - To Divide by 10

Our last lesson on division today! Keep recapping everything you have learnt so you don't forget!