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Key Vocabulary

carnival  Brazilia  Portuguese  capital city  destination  climate  rainforest  percussion  humid          cable car  tradition 

continent;  Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica Europe, Australia 


Rio de Vida

Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to party in Rio!

This half term, we’ll dress up in bright clothes, hang out the bunting and enjoy a carnival party! Afterwards, we’ll write about our carnival experiences, compose carnival poetry, create vibrant dances and play carnival rhythms. We’ll learn to speak some Portuguese (the official language of Brazil), study maps and globes to locate Brazil and decide what it would be like to live there. As we learn more about Brazil, we’ll explore famous legends, follow recipes to make Brazilian carnival treats and scour non-fiction books for fascinating facts. Reflecting on what we have learnt about Brazilian culture, we’ll think about celebrations in different parts of the world and decide why people celebrate. We’ll also create colourful collages, cards and carnival bunting. Brazilian sporting excellence is paid tribute to when we take the time to practice and hone our sporting skills ready for a mini-Olympics.


Help your child prepare for their project
Celebrations are exciting for everyone. Why not look through some old photos together and talk about any celebrations taking place in the pictures? You could also plan a party and choose the decorations, food and music together. Alternatively, use a children’s atlas to discover countries around the world. Read the name of each country carefully and find out what it would be like to live there.

Wow Afternoon - We held a mini Brazilian carnival afternoon to kick start this colourful topic. We dressed up in our brightest carnival clothes and made colourful masks. We played carnival music and invited Mrs Booth and Mr Bell to join in our procession around the classes. We loved participating by clapping, dancing and moving in time to the music.

Design Technology

We made colourful headdresses and masks for our samba parade. We selected and used a variety of different materials and we are beginning to explain our choices. We measured the size of each others heads when tying the string to hold the masks in place and decorated with jewels, feathers, sparkling glitter and beads.

We spent the afternoon exploring a range of percussion instruments, counting the different sounds they make. We answered the questions ‘How do you make the sounds? Can you make the sound quieter and louder?’ Explain how the different sounds are made by either plucking, banging, shaking or blowing. We then sorted the percussion instruments according to the sounds they make and the ways in which they are played.

Continents of the world! We looked together at google earth, and other online maps to learn about the seven continents of the world! We found out that Brazil is in South America.

Revisiting human and physical features of a place in today’s lesson. We read through some information about Brazilia then thought carefully about the things that we saw during the presentation

We have learnt to use a search engine to explore flags around the world. We were very excited to find out what the Brazilian flag looked like!

Children in Need special DT lesson. In preparation for our flag making lessons, we explored different ways we could join materials. We then chose the one we like best or thought was most appropriate to join our very own Pudsey Bear!