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This term we are writing to inform the reader.

We will be focusing on writing recounts in different forms- diaries, newspaper reports and information texts.


Below is an example of a diary ...

Diary Checklist

Did they…

  • include the date and/or time?
  • use the words ‘I’, ‘my’, ‘we’ and ‘our’?
  • write as if they were there?
  • talk about where events happened?
  • write about the most important events in order?
  • describe their feelings?
  • use time linking words, e.g. next, first, then?

Our Learning Journey ...


This is an example text that  includes the key features of a KS1 news report.

This fun newspaper report includes some key features that KS1 children could include in a news report.

Newspaper reports can be a great way to engage children in writing recounts and writing for different purposes.

How do you write a newspaper report?


  • A newspaper report should include a headline that grabs attention.
  • It may include alliteration or a pun to engage the reader.
  • The news report should include key facts about what happened, without the writer giving their opinion on the events.
  • The article could include quotes from witnesses about their experience.
  • The report should explain the events in order and can use time words and phrases to make the sequence of events clear.
  • Newspaper reports often include a photo and a caption.

Our learning ...

As part of our topic lessons, we created information leaflets about MINIBEASTS!