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In year 2 we are working hard at getting our writing to the expected standard. Here are a few of the things that we are focusing on this term... 

• To write simple, coherent narratives about personal experiences and those of others 
• To write about real events, recording these simply and clearly
• To demarcate most sentences in their writing with capital letters and full stops, and use question marks correctly when required
• To use present and past tense mostly correctly and consistently
• To use co-ordination (e.g. or / and / but) and some subordination (e.g. when / if / that / because) to join clauses
• To segment spoken words into phonemes and represent these by graphemes, spelling many of these words correctly and making phonically-plausible attempts at others
• To spell many common exception words
• To form capital letters and digits of the correct size, orientation and relationship to one another and to lower-case letters
• To use spacing between words that reflects the size of the letters.

This term we will be learning the story Kassim and the Greedy Dragon. We will create a setting description of where the story is set and create our own versions of the story! 

Later on in the term will will use all of our new knowledge about castles to create a non- chronological report to share with the younger classes.

We will finish the term by writing letters. 

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