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Week Beginning 04.10.21



Please watch all phonics videos everyday and practice the sounds and letter formation throughout the day. Use your green speed sounds booklet to recap the sounds after watching the video to ensure that the pronunciation and letter formation is correct.



Letter sounds video u b f e


Letter sounds video g o c k


Letter sounds video t i n p


Letter sounds video m a s d 


Click on the link below and watch a session a day, starting with Session 1 on Monday.


Just Like Me - Week 2



Storytime-click on the link below to take you to the Video Resource Centre where there are lots of story-time videos





Independent Learning Time


Choose from a range of activities in your home. You might to build using Lego, what can you make and which bricks do you need.


Can you fill some containers when you are in the bath. How many cup fulls of water does it take to fill up the jug/container?


Practice your writing, can you write your name? Ask an adult to write the order for you to copy if you are not sure.


Look out of your window, what is the weather today? Can you draw a picture of what you see?