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In topic this week we are having our WOW DAY on Monday!

Throughout the morning, we will be creating our own longboats. We will use cardboard to build them and include shields on the side and a dragon head on the front. 

In the afternoon, we will be taking part in some invasion games. We are very excited about this day and we hope you are too!   


We would love it if you could join in with us at home too. Can you also create a longboat? Be as creative as you possibly can. You could use, boxes, cushions, chairs, blankets, let your imagination run wild!


There is lots on information on this BBC Bitesize page  and I have also included a longboat template for you to use if you would like to. If you use this template do you think you could try to make it float? I wonder how much cargo your boat could carry. 


Make sure you send all of your amazing WOW day activities through to we can't wait to see them! 

Anglo Saxon and Viking Shields 


Anglo Saxons and Vikings used shields to protect themselves during battle and these often had colourful designs on the front. Have a look at the sheet of examples that I have provided, before creating your own design.