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Marvellous Maps! That is our topic this term for Geography and wow we are learning so much! Who knew so many different types of maps existed? So far, we have studied ordanance survey maps and what each symbol means and why that symbol may be used. We identified the different symbols on a map and then created our very own symbol! Some of our symbols including dance studios, pizza shops and fair grounds! Then, we decided we needed to know which direction we were going in and so we learnt all about compasses and how to read them. We looked at the 8 points on a compass and created a route for our partners to follow. Furthermore, we have have learnt how to read 4 and 6 figure grid references on maps! All of these skills are particulary useful for those children thinking about joining Scouts!





In Topic, we have been learning about life in Medieval Britain. We have learnt about the Black Death and how this wiped out almost half of the population in Britain! We wrote some very emotive diary entries about how it felt to be around during the days of the plague. Some of our responses were:


''It was heartbreaking. Screams surrounded me.''


''Death. Death is everywhere.''


We have been looking at Knights and the social hierachy and how that has changed to life today. 


In addition, we learnt about Medieval banquets and have planned our very own!