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The Tudors (Term 1)



Place value is the heart of Mathematics! If we understand place value, we can just about do anything in Maths! This term, we have focused closely on place value. This means we have been looking at the value of different digits and what happens when they move around in a number - does that make the number bigger or smaller? 


We have been using our knowledge to round to the nearest 10, 100, 1000 and even one million!! We have been looking at negative numbers (those that are smaller than 0) and creating our own number lines to help with our learning. 


It's been hard work in Maths so far but we are already making so much progress!



What a busy term it's been for English! We have planned, written, edited AND published our own biographies about some famous Tudor people! Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn and Thomas Cromwell. This was hard work but we all did so amazingly well!! We used a variety of different resources to gather our information and then identified features of a biography. After, we began to plan using bullet points for our notes. We then compiled everything together to write it - phew! 


But we didn't stop there! We chose to edit our own work to make it even better!! We added adverbs, relative clauses, modal verbs and much more! As our biographies are so good, we are publishing them on the laptops and adding a border with some pictures!


In addition, we have now moved on to non-chronological reports. This time, rather than researching people of the Tudor times, we are researching who the Tudors were, their dance, their music and their food! (We may even be preparing our very own Tudor banquet but you'll have to keep checking back to see how we get on!)



Our topic this term is the Tudors. We have been learning about the Kings and Queens of Tudor times, Tudor music, Tudor dance and food. 


We have written biographies about Thomas Cromwell, Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII. We used a variety of resources to research information for our biographies and then worked hard to write them, edit them and publish them on the computers. Whilst working, we listened to Tudor music and discussed how different it was to the music of today! We prefer the music of today!


We researched Henry VIII and his measurements. We then went outside and used chalk to draw life size images of him!! We were shocked when we saw how big he was! 





Our Science focus this term is Living Things and Their Habitats. We started by learning about life cycles, focusing on the life cycle of an egg. We used iPads to research life cycles and showed our findings by drawing the life cycle of an egg. After, we chose to incubate our very own eggs to watch the life cycle in real time! We had to find out exactly how to hatch a chicken egg and so we researched this and created a set of instructions. 


We followed these instructions and now have chicks in our class! Welcome to Saints class Chip and Henry! How many more will hatch we wonder?








For P.E, we began the year improving our fitness and stamina. We took part in fitness tests, circuit training and even ran laps about the playground! Now, we are much fitter and healthier!


As we are fitter, we are now learning the skills to play Basketball. We have learnt to throw, catch, bounce and dribble the ball. 


We've even had a special guest teaching one of lessons - our very own Mr Lee!! WOW! What a great lesson that was!! Thank you Mr Lee.


Next stop - our very own class Basketball tournament! Watch this space!


Coming soon ... Tudor dancing!



In R.E we learning about Islam. We have looked at what some people believe who follow the Islamic faith, The Five Pillars of Islam and Ramadan.


We have made Ramadan paper lanterns that we are going to decorate. We recreated Hajj using Lego, designed some Islamic art and explored ways in which some people give to charity.


We are very excited about decorating our lanterns and we can't wait to share them with you!