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Phase 3 Sounds Video Lessons

Here you will find a video link for each of the sounds that your child will learn in phase 3.  After you have watched the videos you could visit the phonics play website and practice the sound within a reading game.



To log into phonics play free using the following details:

username: march20

password: home

Phase 2 Sound Videos

Sound: j

Sound: v

Sound: w

Sound: x

Sound: y

Sound: z

Sound: z and zz

Sound: qu

Sound: ch

Today we review or learn the digraph 'ch'

Sound: sh

Today we are learning and recapping the sh digraph

Sound: th

Let's learn 'th'

Sound: ng

Learn 'ng'

Sound: ai

Today we are learning / recapping the phase 3 digraph 'ai' (rain)

Sound: ee

Learn/recap the ee sound

Sound: igh

Learn the igh trigraph

Sound: oa

Learn the oa digraph

Sound: oo (book / hook)

Let's learn / review the digraph 'oo'

Sound: oo (moon spoon)

Sound: ar

a phonics lesson to teach ar

Sound: or

The next phonics lesson, learning the digraph 'or'

Sound: ur

Today's lesson will involve learning the digraph 'ur'

Sound: ow (cow pow)

Welcome to your brand new phonics lesson! Today we will learn the digraph 'ow' (eg cow, pow, tower etc)

Sound: oi

In today's lesson we learn the phase 3 digraph 'oi' (example: coin, noise etc)

Sound: ear

Learn/recap ear sound

Sound: air

Welcome back and today we are learning 'air'

Sound: ure

Learn the new trigraph 'ure'