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We are really enjoying our writing this term and still have lots more we are looking forward to. We have written persuasive letters to King Richard to ask him to stop poll tax for all us peasants. We used a range of different techniques including rhetorical questions, facts and opinions to make our arguments convincing. And... we even had a special visit from King Richard himself (otherwise known as Mr Gormal)! We presented our letters to him and we are pleased to announce he agreed to abolish poll tax. Well done Saints!



As well as persuasive writing, we have been researching myths and legends and identifying key features and characters. We found that myths and legends are passed down through generations. We read Hercules and are now adapting it whilst writing our own myth. 


We have been learning the poem 'Gran Can You Rap?'. We looked at the features of poetry and the features of a good performance and then applied these to our own performances!